Have you ever seen a stuffed plushie sooo cute that it made your heart squeal with so much joy? It made you feel so tempted to buy one in every color and style, go back and forth with yourself on whether or not you should, then think "What the hey, this will make me so happy! #TREATYOSELF!" When you finally bought it, you excitedly waited for it to come in the mail so that you can show all of your friends?

Well... That's what this collection is all about! #PlushGoals is all about the kawaii plushies and trendy characters that are so soft and so cute, you will want an entire room full of them!




From sweet boba-drinking shiba inus, to succulent plants with adorable animal faces, to huggable fluffy friends (or Floofy Friends, as we like to call ours), we have a variety of trendy plushies that we know you will absolutely love!



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