About Us


Who are we?

Founded in 2009, Cuddle Barn is the leading designer and manufacturer of animated plush gifts. At Cuddle Barn, we are committed to providing unique products for the world’s enjoyment. We strive to bring happiness to the world through our plush creations -- making our mission a simple one: Putting a smile on your face! 

We are currently headquartered in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, CA, where our team happily enjoys all the amazing foods, yummy desserts, and adorable goods the location has to offer. 

So, why animated plush? 

Because animated plush are just more fun! (True facts.) Whether you're looking for a plush gift to celebrate a new baby, a graduation, a holiday, or just because, there's a plush friend for everyone and every occasion. 

The soft glow and sounds of our baby plush toys will let you little ones fall asleep instantly. The entertaining songs and games in our children's plush will foster creativity in your child. The mesmerizing movement and stories of our storytelling plush will let your child's imagination run wild. The nostalgic songs of our everyday plush will transport you back to those special moments in your life. All of these wonderful memories and occasions, captured in an adorable friend that you can cherish forever. 




But wait, there's more!

In recent years, we have introduced soft plush friends to our line. Take a look at our #PLUSHGOALS and Smuzzies info page to read up on what they are all about! 

Welcome to Cuddle Barn! The Barn is Open to All!

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