General Questions

What do you mean when you say your plush are 'animated'?

You hear us say the term “animated plush” a lot, but what does it actually mean? It means our plush friends can light up, sing, dance around, and so much more! We are here to bring plush to life by combining cutting-edge animation and entertaining sounds, and putting them into a cute little plush friend! Here are some common animations that you can find in our plush toys:
If you’re looking for a plush friend to take on a walk, read you a fairy tale story, sing you a song, or play fun games with you, you’ve come to the right place! We have the perfect cuddly friend for everyone!

Where can I buy Cuddle Barn plush toys?

Cuddle Barn plush toys are available here on our website and Amazon!


If you’d prefer to shop at a retail location, Cuddle Barn plush toys can be found at retailers like Hobby Lobby, Ace Hardwares, Hallmarks, grocery stores, boutiques, and more! Use our Store Locator to find a store near you!

I can’t find the plush toy that I’m looking for. Help!

If you haven’t seen a certain Cuddle Barn plush toy for a while, there may be a chance that it is out of stock or discontinued. However, we just might have one that’s lying around! Feel free to message our team if you have questions about a specific item that you are looking for or thinking of, and we can check to see if we have any left!

Are your plush toys available in different languages?

Our plush toys are pre-programmed with a fun song & sound that best suits the character, and are often in English! Depending on the collection, some plush toys may feature popular songs in other languages. If there’s something in particular that you are looking for or would like to see in a plush, contact us and let our team know! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

What are the age ranges for your plush toys?

As long as you’re at least older than the age of 3, all of our plush friends are for you to enjoy! Yay! Most of our plush have various minimum ages, ranging from 0-3 years. Please take a look at the hang tag on your plush or the individual product listings on our website for information on a specific item.

How to Play With & Care for Your Plush

Can I wash my plush friend? How do I wash it?

For your animated plush friends that contain batteries and/or a module, we recommend that you use a damp towel and spot clean only. Please do not throw your plush friend in a washing machine or submerge it in water, as that will damage and break the mechanical module inside.


For your soft plush friends, you may put it in the washer on a delicate cycle and leave it out to air dry.

What type of batteries does my plush need?

All of our plush toys require different types of batteries (or none at all!). Please look at the hang tag on your specific plush to see what they require, or look at the individual listing on the website. If you can’t find it on there, email us at cs@cuddle-barn.com and we can address any questions that you may have!

How do I change out the batteries?

Different plush have different battery locations! Some have a flap located on its underside, or some may be concealed very well in an opening on its backside. For items like our squeezers and wands, batteries are not replaceable due to their small size. To help better show you where the battery compartment is located on our plush, our team is making a helpful video to demonstrate how to replace the batteries on our plush! Coming soon!

How can I best care for my plush and avoid damage?

We advise that our animated plush are not to be thrown, dropped, or washed to avoid any issues from occurring. Hug and squeeze your plush friend however you’d like, but handle them with care!

Troubleshooting Common Issues

When you first bring your plush friend home, be sure to remove all the tags and keep them for future reference. To activate the batteries, remove the pull tab and discard. Ensure the battery compartment's ON/OFF switch is in the "ON" position.

New batteries are put in at the time of production. Sometimes the pull tab becomes loose during transit, and the batteries may slowly drain power. We recommend replacing with a new, fresh set of batteries and you will see your plush friend come back to life!

My plush was working, but now it is not.

When your plush friend seems to be low on energy or its lights do not glow as brightly as they should, it’s time for new batteries!

My plush does not move well. The mechanics sound stuck.

After traveling around in a box waiting to go to someone’s home, our plush toys need to loosen up and sometimes need a massage too! If the plush toy is not moving well, but sound is playing, try gently moving the plush toy’s body parts in the direction it is supposed to move. Activate the plush to see if this allows it to move better.
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