Wawa the Froggie logo in the shape of a lilypad 

Who is Wawa?


Meet Wawa! Wawa is the Prince of the Froggie Kingdom. While he has achieved being his ultimate Froggie self, he often finds himself wondering, "What's next? Is there more to life than being a froggie?"

On his search for answers, Wawa the Froggie Prince has come to believe that you should be anything that you want to be! Be curious. Try new things... Reinvent yourself! Life is constantly changing, and so can you!

So, who are you? What do you want to be? You won't know until you try. Be like Wawa and try out something new! Oh, how the possibilities are endless! 


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Wawa the Froggie is a new collection of soft, fluffy froggies in #PLUSHGOALS, featuring Wawa the Frog Prince as the main character! This collection features Wawa in his many froggie forms, with different facial expressions that depict his #mood when trying out these various lifestyles. Which froggie form is your favorite?



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