PlushGoals Planet

What’s PlushGoals Planet?

PlushGoals Planet is a collection of cute and cuddly characters with unique personalities! Each PlushGoals Planet character has a fun and adventureful storyline.

Get to know these fun characters individually and collect them all!

Meet Camden the Calm Capybara

What can a capybara do with an orange on his head? Nothing, of course! Camden is a sleepy capybara known for laying in the hot springs. Once he gets in the hot springs, all thoughts go out the window.

No stress, no cares, just chill.

Meet Dorian the Dragon Fruit Dragon

Dorian was once a normal dragon, but then he crashed into a dragon fruit orchard. Magical dragon fruits filled his mouth, and poof! He became a dragon fruit dragon!

He quite likes his new pattern.

Meet Lottie the Lovely Axolotl

Lottie’s dream is to find love. He wants to have his ‘meet cute’ with someone, go on movie dates, and have his first kiss.

Please find him somebody to love!

Meet Moocha the Coffee Cow

Moocha always dreams of opening her own little cafe. Her favorite part about coffee is of course the latte art! Ask her to draw anything you want, and she can do it!

Moocha’s brown spots, cream colored body, and coffee bean feet emphasize her love for all things coffee!

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