Astronaut Wawa (Purple)

Wawa loves to gaze up at the bright moon in the night sky. He finds himself wondering if the moon is made of cheese, or if there might be other alien froggie friends out in space. Wawa has big dreams of exploring outer space one day!

Use Wawa to decorate your room, car, bedroom office, and more! Take them with you in your car, hold them while you are watching your shows, or add them to your stuffed animal collection. They will add some extra cuteness to any room! This plush is perfect for any stargazing and space lover.

Wawa the Froggie is on the search for the meaning of life! He's trying to figure out who or what he really wants to be. Join him on his hoppin' fun adventures as he tries out different things!

Product Care - Spot clean with damp towel only. You may also machine wash on a delicate cycle and air dry.
Size - Measures 9”H x 9”W x 7” L
Ages - Recommended for Ages 0+
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