Lil Series - Haru the Fire Kitsune

Take a peak into the tales of the East and meet our new magical friends! Haru the Fire Kitsune is based on the Japanese legend of kitsunes! Kitsunes are cunning guardian foxes that come in many forms -- even fire! Haru is a cheerful fox spirit of fire who loves to playfully tease people. She can be mischievous, but she’s a loyal guardian.

Immerse yourself and learn about more Eastern legends by collecting all of our Lil' Mystical Tales collection!

PlushGoals Planet is a collection of cute and cuddly characters with unique personalities. Collect them all to create your own group of lovable friends!

Product Care - Spot clean with a damp towel only. You may also machine wash on a delicate cycle and air dry.
Size - Measures 6”H x 5”W x 5” L
Ages - Recommended for Ages 0+
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